Service Technicians

Site Assessment

Our Site Assessment Team will conduct an initial assessment of your existing cabling infrastructure on site as well as at the Exchange. We will identify any potential onsite issues that may delay the progress of the installation and will arrange access to common areas of buildings through our trained staff.

We will assess if the site requires additional lead in cabling, on site commercial works or additional internal cabling. We supply Telstra and other carriers’ documentation on scope of works including a plan diagram for location of equipment access and activity advice.


Our skilled technicians are trained in repairing a wide variety of telecommunications equipment. If a machine is not functioning properly or is broken, our technicians can make an onsite visit to diagnose and repair. Our technicians are available 24/7 for emergency repair services if required.

Installation & Commissioning

Our technicians are certified to install and commission all kinds of carrier equipment. We run a series of tests to ensure that all equipment is fully operational after the installation.

Satellite Services including Teleport and Network Operations Centres (NOC)

We service Direct-to-Home (DTH), and High Definition (HD) transmissions for our clients. We also provide encoding, multiplexing, up-linking satellite capacity and monitoring to a wide range of Industries including Private Enterprise, Government, Mining and Medical.

  • Teleport Services and Installations
  • MCPC media Broadcast in Australia, UAE, Indonesia and Pakistan
  • Fibre Optic Installations to Teleports
  • Network Management & Support
  • Full Network Operation Centre (NOC) Support
  • 24/7 365 Support, Help Desk and Technical Centre
  • Large to Small multi antenna multi satellite services
  • Migrating from real time MPEG to IP transmissions and file transfers
  • Integration of IP Communication Channels
  • Migrating from SD to HDTV
  • Optimizing Bandwidth Usage with DVB-DSNG and now DVB-S2
  • Digitalizing of Analogue Satellite Feeds