Electronic Lockers

Deliveries Made Easy

Fixtel Services is a Receva sales partner and offer a safe and convenient way for residents to receive parcel deliveries. With the evolution of E-commerce and online shopping, we address the growing needs of Postal, Logistic and E-commerce organisations with the Electronic Locker solution.

These electronic lockers are equipped to accept signature items and cater to a wide range of parcels sizes. It only allows access to the resident it is intended for and the deliveries are safe inside the locker until they’re ready to be collected. No need to be at home when the deliveries are made.

The lockers offer 24/7 access to the parcel delivery and sends an SMS notification to the recipient when their parcel has arrived. The delivery drivers are trackable and are equipped with a secure access key. For additional safety, there are security cameras placed near the lockers. Our electronic locker solution provides a seamless end-to-end delivery system for residents.

Fixtel Services now offers a full suite of Project Management, Installation, Maintenance and Customer Support services for this product including:

  • Single and Multi unit dwelling homes
  • Installation and Commissioning Smart Parcel Delivery hardware
  • Commissioning and connectivity testing
  • Building Owners Corporation coordination
  • Customer Appointment time setting
  • Maintenance and Repair services
  • Registered and Trained Specialists
  • End Customer Help Desk
  • Provision of Consumables
  • Full service suite for unique homes

We provide essential services to carriers around Australia delivering Speed, Agility and Value