Core Values


Fixtel Services prides itself on offering SPEED. To start deployment in the shortest possible time, our experience, strategic partners and industry reputation enables us to secure additional competent resources efficiently. This enables us to commence within the agreed schedule and fulfill all service level agreements requirements.


Fixtel Services is committed to AGILITY, and to deliver deployment that is an “out of norm” from all facets. Our in-house knowledge and experience enables us to consult and work through requirements with the customer, identify the risks or constraints and variables that could have a detrimental effect on the development of the project. We develop in consultation with our customer a cost base and deployment schedule to deliver upon. OHS is always paramount in all our projects with numerous high-risk projects being completed in remote locations, without incident.


Fixtel Services understands VALUE of service. Not just cost but productivity, effectiveness and lifecycle management. Construction, Reactive and Preventative maintenance are delivered with quality and efficiency to ensure the most cost effective operational life cycle. This results in an outstanding customer experience for both our direct client and their customers.