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Our Company

Fixtel Services is the single source solution for your multi-vendor network maintenance needs including onsite repair response and testing. At Fixtel Services, we pride ourselves in our support and service. With a wealth of industry experience and technical knowledge we offer an unrivaled service to meet your organisations needs. For more information you can view our white papers addressing common cabling and infrastructure.

Fixtel Services is built on a foundation of experience, industry best practices and statutory compliance to ensure reliable, safe and quality delivery of services. Fixtel Services has created an end to end resource solution for the Australian Telecommunications Industry to assist carrier managed services.

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Our Mission

The core product of field delivery in Network Construction and Managed Services is based in Melbourne Victoria with the intent to expand our presence to Queensland, Tasmania and New South Wales in 2015. The existing National Fixtel Services partners in regional and rural locations are supported and managed to ensure the same reliable, safe and quality delivery of services.

We ensure that our employees are in a safe working environment at all times as they are what makes this company successful. Our people have a refreshing “can do” attitude, we believe every project can be achieved with teamwork for a positive outcome.

We value our clients as they are the lifeline to our workforce, providing long term employment to our staff and contractors around Australia. We ensure that our clients receive exceptional service and delivery and large part of our business is based on referrals.

It’s all about service! – SPEED AGILITY & VALUE

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