Fibre Optic Services

FixTel Services Australia offers an end to end Fibre Optic Installation Solution – from fibre optic design, testing, certification, and maintenance. We measure and check bandwidth which is critical to the success of your fibre network. Other services we offer are Carrier grade Fibre Optic hauling, as well as Fusion and Ribbon Splicing on an emergency and contract basis.

Carrier Maintenance Services

Carrier Maintenance Services

We offer Carriers 24 -7 -365 days a year Break /Fix contracts, including onsite preventative maintenance, installation, repair, testing and auditing. We pride ourselves on supporting and servicing our clients backed with a wealth of industry experience and technical knowledge we offer an unrivalled speedy agile service to meet your organisation’s needs. We have copper trained technicians that are Telstra (CAN) certified.

Reactive & Preventative Maintenance

Reactive & Preventative Maintenance

FixTel Services’ are trained in the maintenance and installation of a wide range of Carrier telecommunications equipment including Telstra’s Core network, Telstra Exchange Access and mobile tower reactive and preventative maintenance. We offer emergency call out service to isolate and repair faults with minimum downtime to your network.

We have an Australia Wide Network focused on Telecommunications infrastructure
 for Corporate and Government Maintenance Break/Fix 24 x 7  365 Days a year.

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Why customers choose us

We provide essential services to carriers around Australia delivering speed, agility and value.

We have over 35 years’ experience with installations and maintenance of a wide range of Telecommunications, Data Network equipment and Carrier Infrastructure. We provide essential services to carriers around Australia delivering speed, agility and value.
Our core range of services focus on the provision of Mission Critical support which include:
  • Emergency Reactive Response services
  • Remedial Maintenance services
  • Proactive Preventative Maintenance services
  • IMAC based installation services
FixTel Services offer installation:
  • Audit and Testing of Cabling Infrastructure (both Optic Fibre and traditional copper)
  • Remedial Maintenance services
  • Fusion Splicing

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